How It Works

How does StellarFi build your credit?

Paying bills like utilities, rent, and streaming services on time don't increase your credit score. But with StellarFi, they do.
How it works

How it works

Get your free credit score

Your credit journey starts by knowing your score. Get your current credit score for free when you sign up.

How it works

Add and pay bills

Make automatic bill payments using StellarFi’s Virtual Bill Pay Card. Next, we report on-time payments to the major credit bureaus each month.

How it works

Build credit score

Credit scores increase while we build payment history, optimize credit utilization, and more.

How it works
How it works

Start with your free credit score

We all start somewhere. Get your free, up-to-date credit score when you sign up.

If your credit score isn’t as high as you need it to be, don’t worry — it’s not stuck at that number forever. StellarFi can help you improve your score without taking on debt.

Create an account in just a few minutes to start building your credit score.

We pay your bills on time

Link your monthly bills by adding your StellarFi Bill Pay Card as the primary payment option with your billers.

We will automatically pay the bill on its due date, and you’ll then automatically authorize repayment. We will debit your linked checking account for the amount of the bill.

StellarFi then reports all your positive monthly payments to the credit bureaus, improving your credit history. The more bills you pay, the more we report.

How it works
How it works

We report to the major credit bureaus

We report to the major credit bureaus. Although StellarFi is not a credit card, it shows up on your Experian® and Equifax® credit reports similarly to a line of credit.

For Lite members, a $500 StellarFi limit is reported to the bureaus.

For StellarFi Prime members, that number can grow up to $25,000. This limit depends on the total dollar amount you pay each month toward bills using your StellarFi Bill Pay Card. As you link more bills (and larger bills), your reported limit increases — and so can your credit score.

How StellarFi builds your credit score

StellarFi helps you build all scores: FICO® and VantageScore®. We primarily target the two most critical credit-building factors: payment history and credit utilization.

We improve your payment history by reporting on-time monthly payments to Experian and Equifax.

We optimize your credit usage by reporting a higher limit, which can reduce your credit utilization (and increase your credit score).

You may also see a credit score jump when the StellarFi account is added to your report, and your credit mix improves.

How it works

StellarFi member testimonials


StellarFi is a Public Benefit Corporation that solves one of the biggest economic problems faced by American consumers: access to credit. We make it easy for people to manage bills and build credit. StellarFi reports payments to Experian®and Equifax® to build payment history. We also report a high credit limit that can grow up to $25,000 for Prime members.

We’ve figured out how to solve the credit score algorithm with a system designed to positively influence your credit score, exemplified. The result has a dramatic effect on your overall financial health.

How do we do this?

We report the bill payments made through StellarFi directly to the credit bureaus similar to a line of credit.

Because they are on-time, successful payments, and recurring payments naturally build up positive payment history, they have the ability to increase your score.

Ok, but how does it actually work?

  1. Connect a bank account that you normally use to pay your bills.
  2. Choose the bills that you want to pay through StellarFi and link them in the dashboard.
  3. When the due date arrives for a bill, or when you want to manually pay a bill, we check to see if your bank account balance is sufficient to cover the amount of the linked bill.
  4. If your account balance is sufficient, StellarFi pays your bill.
  5. At the same time, you’ll automatically authorize a debit from your connected bank account for the amount of the bill.
  6. At least once a month, StellarFi batch reports your StellarFi Limit (which is based on the dollar amount of bills you’ve paid through StellarFi) to all major credit bureaus.

By continuously linking recurring bills and setting them up to be paid automatically, we report this positive payment history directly to the credit bureaus. That is because StellarFi reports all bills as credit. We are not a lender. But since we’re making the payments on your behalf, we’re able to reliably report positive payment history to all major credit bureaus (Experian® and Equifax®) and help build credit.

When your credit score goes up, you’ve also managed to unlock more possibilities that didn’t exist before. Want to buy a house? A car? Take out a loan? You’ve set yourself up for success with StellarFi and from there, it’s up to you. The sky’s the limit!

We offer three different membership plans:

Lite $4.99/mo

Prime $0.99 the first 30 days, then $9.99/mo after that

Premium $29.99/mo (coming soon)

The membership fee is charged the same day you enroll and there are NO hidden fees. The fee will then be charged on the same day each month thereafter. For example, if you enroll on January 1st, your membership fee is charged on January 1st and your next fee is due on February 1st, etc.

You’re at least 18 years old and a US resident with a valid Social Security number.

Our verification process may require some applicants to submit documentation such as a state-issued ID/Drivers License, Social Security card and/or a utility bill to confirm your identity. If that is required, we’ll let you know.

StellarFi uses your bank account to pay the bills we report to the credit bureaus. StellarFi can report positive payment history by paying your bills on your behalf. We aren’t a lender (loan nor credit card), so we debit your connected bank account for the amount of that bill after we pay it. Without your connected bank account, we won’t be able to pay your bill, which means that we can’t report your positive payment. Your connected bank account makes it possible for StellarFi to increase your credit score.

Yes! By paying bills with your StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card, your bills are paid on time and payments are reported to Experian® and Equifax®.

We aren’t a lender or a credit card. We pay your bills and withdraw money from your account to cover those bills. Other companies act as a third party by simply reporting a generalized summary of your payment history. Because StellarFi is paying the bill on your behalf and you’ll then automatically authorize repayment, we are able to directly impact your credit score as an account on your credit report. As a result, we report your positive history and build your credit in a reliable way.

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How it works

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