Member Ambassador Program

Increase your income

Consistently earn extra monthly income just by referring your friends. Start a side business through StellarFi.

Must be a StellarFi member to join. Read full terms here.

Member Ambassador Program
How it works

Earn the cash you need

As a public benefit corporation, it is our mission to support our community. That’s why we found a way to provide passive income for our members. Through the StellarFi Member Ambassador Program, members get safe and secure money earning and can finally ease their financial stress.

Join the program

Fill out a two-minute application to apply for StellarFi's Member Ambassador Program. (Remember: You must be a member of StellarFi member to join! You'll get $5 in StellarFi credits as an added welcome bonus.)

Start earning with your referral code

Your StellarFi referral code is the key to earning. Once accepted, send your code to friends and earn monthly income every time they pay their StellarFi membership fees and bills.

Get cash in your pocket

We'll send you your earnings monthly to the bank account connected to your StellarFi account, giving you a cushion of extra income that you can use to live the life you want to live.

Your potential monthly earnings

Once you refer your friends to StellarFi, you will earn from the membership fees and bill payments that they and their referred friends pay.1

Your earnings will be highest when you directly refer someone.

Level 1
Direct referral (you refer a friend)

Level 2
Your friend refers a friend

Level 3-5
Your friend’s friend refers a friend, and so on for the 4th and 5th friend

The payment tiers cap at the 5th down-line referral.

Referral Calculator

Monthly payout 1


Calculate the amount of cash you can earn

About how much do your friends pay in bills monthly?

Not Much Average A Lot

How many friends will you refer directly?

Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:
Friends you referred
Friends they referred
Friends Level 2 referred
Friends Level 3 referred
Friends Level 4 referred

* Assuming each of your friends refers 3 people.

You could earn $0 in a year if you refer 0 friends.

Win big while building your credit

For a limited time only, referring a friend can earn you bonus entries in our “5 Ways to $5K” giveaway! Enter through your dashboard and start referring now!

Read full terms here

Testimonials that speak louder than words

Discover the secret behind the countless StellarFi members, who choose it as their go-to platform for credit-building with every bill.

How StellarFi works

Get your free credit score

Your credit journey starts by knowing your score. Get your current credit score for free when you sign up.

Member Ambassador Program

Add and pay your bills

Make automatic bill payments using your StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card. Next, we report on-time payments to the major credit bureaus each month.

Member Ambassador Program

Build your score

See your credit score increase while we build your payment history, optimize your credit utilization, and more.

Member Ambassador Program


Still have questions?

Read our full FAQ to find what you're looking for.

StellarFi is a Public Benefit Corporation that solves one of the biggest economic problems faced by American consumers: access to credit. We make it easy for people to manage bills and build credit. StellarFi reports payments to Experian®and Equifax® to build payment history. We also report a credit limit that can grow up to $25,000 for Prime members.

As a public benefit corporation, we continually speak to our members and make strides to improve their financial wellbeing. We realized many memebers struggling to make their bill payments. That’s when the ambassador program idea came to light. We wanted to make a program that allowed our members to receive passive monthly income.

How do we do this?

Ambassador program members can refer their friends to StellarFi using their referral code.

Once their friends join StellarFi, adds their bills, and starts paying them through the platform, the ambassador program member will then receive a percentage of each bill and fee payment directly. 

This means that both members will benefit from credit building, and those that refer members will also benefit with additional income in their pocket.

Any fine print?

  • Referred members need to successfully pay their membership fees and bills through StellarFi.
  • Both members must have a Prime or Lite membership plan. 
  • Earnings are made as long as both users are members of StellarFi.
  • Your earnings are taxable and you will need to file as an independent contractor for these earnings. 
  • If their account is locked or closed for any reason, the ambassador program member will no longer receive passive income from these payments being made.

All members are encouraged to pay as many bills as possible through StellarFi–this is the fastest way to grow your credit score with StellarFi!

Once you opt in to the program, any friends you refer will be part of your earnings. Remember that you will use your StellarFi referral code to refer them (that’s how we know YOU referred them and not someone else!)

You will earn for any Direct referrals. For any 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th down-line referrals, they will need to join the member ambassador program in order for us to issue your earnings from their payments. It’s free for them to join the program – they just have to apply here once they’re referred. You can ask any past referrals you’ve made to join the program and you will start earning from them once they opt in.

How to get paid

We will see how many friends you referred on or around the 15th of each month. We will then direct deposit funds to your connected bank account to StellarFi. We will not issue funds to any other account of your choosing. Please make sure the bank account you have connected to StellarFi will allow for funds to be deposited and that it is your primary bank account. These funds should clear within 5-7 business days.

We offer three different membership plans:

Lite $4.99/mo

Prime $0.99 the first 30 days, then $9.99/mo after that

Premium $29.99/mo (coming soon)

The membership fee is charged the same day you enroll and there are NO hidden fees. The fee will then be charged on the same day each month thereafter. For example, if you enroll on January 1st, your membership fee is charged on January 1st and your next fee is due on February 1st, etc.

You’re at least 18 years old and a US resident with a valid Social Security number.

Our verification process may require some applicants to submit documentation such as a state-issued ID/Drivers License, Social Security card and/or a utility bill to confirm your identity. If that is required, we’ll let you know.

StellarFi uses your bank account to pay the bills we report to the credit bureaus. StellarFi can report positive payment history by paying your bills on your behalf. We aren’t a lender (loan nor credit card), so we debit your connected bank account for the amount of that bill after we pay it. Without your connected bank account, we won’t be able to pay your bill, which means that we can’t report your positive payment. Your connected bank account makes it possible for StellarFi to increase your credit score.

Yes! By paying bills with your StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card, your bills are paid on time and payments are reported as a line of credit to Experian® and Equifax®.

We aren’t a lender or a credit card. We pay your bills and withdraw money from your account to cover those bills. Other companies act as a third party by simply reporting a generalized summary of your payment history. Because StellarFi is paying the bill on your behalf and you’ll then automatically authorize repayment, we are able to directly impact your credit score as an account on your credit report. As a result, we report your positive history and build your credit in a reliable way.

Earn a monthly income!

Join the program and earn a monthly income for each friend you refer! Apply for the Ambassador Program to get started.

1 Potential earnings based on StellarFi Member Ambassador Program member referring the selected number of friends. Additional earnings based on each friend referring three new friends. Monthly payout calculation is purely an estimate. Monthly payout amounts based on the calculator are not guaranteed. Payment tiers cap at the 5th down-line referral.