Affiliate Program

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StellarFi is a credit-building product that reports every bill directly to Experian® and Equifax®. Help your users build a credit score that matters through StellarFi’s affiliate program.

About our affiliate program

Receive commissions when you refer users to StellarFi. We run our program through Impact, where contracts, payouts, and reporting are all automated. We value our affiliate partners, which is why we work directly with you on the content needed and provide special promotions or services to your audience.

Are you a perfect match?

We want to provide an additional value to your users, which is why we hand select what affiliate partners we work with. You’ll get the most out of our program if you meet the criteria below.

Engaged audience

Our most successful affiliate partners have a focused, engaged audience. We pay for different events down the funnel, so the more aligned your audience is, the higher payout for you.

Creative campaigns

We pride ourselves on our brand and creative outreach. We like to work with affiliate partners who prioritize producing amazing content.


We believe that people can achieve financial freedom when they have access to the right tools. We partner with brands that align with our company's mission.


How to get started

Join the program

Create your profile on Impact in just a few minutes. You should receive a response within 1-2 business days.

Promote StellarFi

Promote StellarFi through blogs, newsletters, social media, email, your website, and even product integrations.

Get paid

Receive payouts automatically and easily track the success of the campaign. We pay out for various stages down the funnel, with increasing amounts the further along a member gets.


StellarFi is a Public Benefit Corporation

StellarFi is a mission-based company. We believe good credit empowers individuals. Empowered individuals strengthen their communities. And strong communities change the world.

Perks of being a StellarFi affiliate:

30 day referral window

Our program allows you to capture a conversion within 30 days of their last click on your link.

Ready-made creatives

We provide a variety of updated creative and sizes, with custom sizing available upon request.

Content templates

Streamline your promotions by leveraging content templates for emails, reviews, etc.


Enjoy seasonal promo code opportunities to save your audience extra $$$.

Dedicated support

Lean on our Affiliate team for any questions, challenges, or special requests.

Target audience

Age range
from 25-45
Prefer to engage on a mobile device
Financially conscious with credit goals
U.S.-only, urban areas drive optimal performance

Increase engagement and revenue with our API

Supercharge your engagement and earnings through StellarFi’s credit-building-as-a-service API. Onboard your customers through a smooth and efficient user experience. Increase customer engagement by helping them with an issue that matters.


How StellarFi works

Get your free credit score

Your credit journey starts by knowing your score. Get your current credit score for free when you sign up.


Add and pay bills

Make automatic bill payments using StellarFi’s Virtual Bill Pay Card. Next, we report on-time payments to the major credit bureaus each month.


Build credit score

Credit scores increase while we build payment history, optimize credit utilization, and more.


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Generate new revenue.
Empower your audience.

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