How to Get a Peacock Free Trial in 2022 With StellarFi Virtual Bill Card

Key Takeaways

Peacock, named for the iconic logo of its parent company NBC, is a streaming service that features shows, movies, sports, and more from NBCUniversal studios and other third-party content providers.

From Sunday Night Football to The Office, Peacock packs plenty of viewer favorites into the lineup. It’s no surprise that Peacock is growing quickly, with 30 million active subscriptions (and counting).

Want to learn how to watch Peacock for free, without paying for a subscription? Here’s what you need to know about getting an Peacock free trial in 2022:

Does Peacock offer a 30-Day Free Trial?

Although there is technically no Peacock 1 month free trial available, there are still ways to watch Peacock content for free: 

Watch Peacock for free

Limited Peacock content is available for free, with no credit card required. To access this free version of Peacock, you’ll need to create an account and password

Once it’s set up, you can enjoy select Peacock shows, movies and more at no charge. There’s one caveat: the free Peacock account includes ads.

Despite the limited content, some viewers would prefer this option to a Peacock 30-day free trial because there’s no expiration date—access is yours as long as Peacock offers free content.

How Can I Sign Up for a Peacock Free Trial in 2022 with the StellarFi Virtual Bill Card?

While there’s no “official” free trial, Peacock subscription costs can be easily offset by your StellarFi membership. In fact, you can get Peacock free for as long as you want by earning bill credits with StellarFi.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for StellarFi. Pick the Prime membership plan to try StellarFi FREE for one month!
  2. Link your Peacock account by using your StellarFi Virtual Bill Card numbers as your Peacock payment method.
  3. To make your Peacock subscription free EVERY month, refer at least 1 friend to use StellarFi per month. You’ll get a $5 credit every time someone signs up using your unique referral link.

With our easy-to-earn credits, it’s like having an unlimited free trial of Peacock—PLUS, you’ll be building credit just by having your Peacock billing linked to your StellarFi account.

How do I update my Peacock payment information?

Peacock accepts most cards along with PayPal, Apple Pay, and other virtual payment methods. Here are the steps to update your Peacock payment information:

  1. Sign into your Peacock account
  2. Go to Plans & Payment tab
  3. Under the Payment Method section, click on Update Payment Method.
  4. Confirm your new payment details

Payments will be billed to your new payment method starting with the next billing cycle.

What do I get with Peacock plans?

Peacock offers a variety of subscription options ranging from a free sample selection of shows to their $9.99/mo Peacock Premium Plus subscription. Here’s the breakdown:

How can I change my current Peacock plan?

If you need to upgrade or downgrade your current Peacock plan, here’s how to do it:

  • Log in to your Peacock account.
  • Go to Plans & Payments.
  • Click Change Plan.
  • Choose the option you’d prefer.
  • Watch for your confirmation message and confirmation email.

How will Peacock charges appear on my bank statement?

If you’ve subscribed to Peacock directly from the Peacock website or app, your billing will reflect that. However, many viewers access Peacock through a third party. For example:

  • As an add-on to other media packages (such as Roku)
  • Billed via PayPal or Apple Pay
  • Used as a credit-builder through StellarFi

The easiest way to see how your Peacock subscription should appear on your statement is to check your billing information on the Peacock website or app. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Log in to your Peacock account.
  • Go to Plans & Payments.
  • Click Your Plan.
  • Here you will see whether your subscription is billed through a third party. 

If you have any suspicions that your Peacock charge may be fraudulent, contact Peacock directly to make sure your account and payment information are secure. 

Tip: Keep your cards secure by using your StellarFi Virtual Bill Card for recurring online payments. By using your StellarFi Virtual Bill Card online, you’ll protect your real credit card or debit card numbers from hackers.

How to build credit with StellarFi

StellarFi is a new way to build credit, using the monthly bills you’re already paying. 

Just sign up, link bills (like your Peacock subscription), and watch your score grow as we report on-time monthly payments to all three major credit bureaus.

StellarFi is easy to join and makes building credit simple:

  • No credit check or minimum score to join
  • No deposit required
  • No surprise fees

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