Cancel Blink Fitness Subscription

Simple Steps to Cancel Your Blink Fitness Subscription in 2023

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Blink Fitness offers state-of-the-art equipment for fitness training including resistance training, cardio workouts, functional training, and a multi-use stretch area. 

With the Blink Fitness subscription, you can also get access to on-demand workout videos, and free 30-minute personal training, all in an atmosphere that promotes body positivity where people from varying levels of training and fitness can participate. 

If you no longer need your Blink Fitness subscription – because you have reached your fitness goal, your free trial period has ended, or you want to try something different – you can easily cancel your subscription at any time. 

Follow these simple steps to cancel your Blink Fitness subscription

Depending on the plan you subscribed to, you may have to give a 30-45 day notice before you cancel your membership. These plans may give you access to either one facility, facilities only in specific locations, or all facilities across the US. Some plans like the Green, Blue, and Orange memberships have a 12-month commitment period. In most cases, you cannot cancel before the end of the Initial Membership Period, which is mostly 12 months. If you cancel before that, you may have to buy out the rest of the period of your subscription.

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Navigate to the login page here:
  2. Click on “Billing”. 
  3. Click “Cancel Membership” to complete cancelation. 

You can also cancel your membership in Blink. See the instructions to create a Blink account here

For further assistance with your account and cancelation, email the support team at

You can get all the information you need to cancel your Blink Fitness subscription on this page. StellarFi can help strengthen your credit score by paying your Blink Fitness bills on time. 

This is how Blink Fitness charges may appear on your bank statement

BLINK MOTO #624BLINK MOTO #641 212-359-8776 NY
BLINK MOTO #611: BLINK WEB #996 8885664223 NY
BLINKBLINK MOTO #624 888-566-4223 NY
BLINK MOTO #608 888-566-4223 NYBLINK MOTO #638
BLINK MOTO #606 888-566-4223 NYBLINK MOTO #650 866-358-6300 NY
BLINK MOTO #629 888-566-4223 NYBLINK MOTO #602 888-566-4223 NY
BLINK WEB #996 NEW YORK NY 10003 USABLINK MOTO #613 888-566-4223 NY
BLINK MOTO #643 212-359-8776 NYBLINK MOTO #622
BLINK MOTO #611 888-566-4223 NYDebit Card Purchase – BLINK WEB 996 NEW YORK NY
BLINK WEB #996BLINK MOTO #634 888-566-4223 NY
BLINK MOTO #605 888-566-4223 NYBLINK MOTO #627 888-566-4223 NY
BLINK MOTO #628 888-566-4223 NYBLINK MOTO #657 866-358-6300 NY
BLINK MOTO #630 888-566-4223 NYBLINK MOTO #652 866-358-6300 NY
BLINK MOTO #601 888-566-4223 NYBLINK MOTO #622 888-566-4223 NY

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