Cancel Roblox Subscription

Simple Steps to Cancel Your RobloxTM Subscription in 2023

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RobloxTM is a virtual gaming platform that lets gamers play games created by other users. You can also find over 7.4 M immersive experiences, including concerts, sports, fashion shows, and more.

With a Roblox subscription, you can create your own immersive experiences by being a part of a community that shares the same passion for gaming and game creation. The global community of users builds new ways for people to connect with each other. 

However, if you want to cancel your Roblox subscription because your free trial is up, you want to look for an alternative, or you simply don’t want to continue using the app, you can easily do so. 

Follow these simple steps to close your Roblox membership

Roblox is mainly free to use and download. What users can purchase is the in-app accessories and upgrades. There is an optional “Premium” membership that you can purchase. 

You can cancel your Roblox membership through the website.

  1. Log in to your Roblox account. 
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Got to “Billing”. 
  4. Click on Cancel Renewal” and follow the rest of the prompts to confirm cancelation.

If you have subscribed through third-party platforms (Play Store, App Store) you need to cancel on the respective websites. 

You can get all the information you need to cancel your Roblox subscription on this page. StellarFi can help strengthen your credit score by paying your Roblox bills on time. 

How Roblox charges may appear in your bank account

ROBLOX G.CO/HELPPAY#ROBLOX.COM 888-858-256 888-8582569 CA
ROBLOX.COM 888-858ROBLOX CORP, 8888582569 US
ROBLOX CorporationROBLOX.COM 888-858-256 CA
ROBLOX.COM 888-858-2569ROBLOX.COM 888-858 USA
ROBLOX.COM 888-858-256 888-8582569 USROBLOX.COM 888-85
ROBLOX.COM 888-858-256 888-8582569 US  USD 4.95VFGN PUR FEE 1.00ROBLOX.COM 888-858888-8582569
ROBLOX.COM 888-858 888-858256

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