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How to Get a CLEAR Free Trial in 2023 with the StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card

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Are you a frequent traveler? You must be tired of waiting in airport security lines. Getting a CLEAR subscription might be for you. CLEAR has set up lanes in over 40 airports in the US which speeds up your security check and ID verification. You don’t ever have to stress about missing a flight again!

How does it work?

CLEAR requires your biometric details like your eyes or fingerprints to verify your identity. The best thing is that it is touchless and therefore safer. This replaces the need for a TSA officer to check your photo ID manually. 

After this, you’re able to move past the lines of passengers waiting in the regular TSA lines and enter the screening area more quickly. 

How to get a CLEAR free trial?

CLEAR offers a free two-month trial when you sign up to the Plus package. The CLEAR Plus plan is for airport security lanes, 

RESERVE powered by CLEAR is a free service avaiable at select airport locations where you can book your spot in the line ahead of time, but you will still need to get your verification done through a TSA officer. 

The CLEAR Plus free trial is automatically available for any new user to experience. This is what you need to do if you enroll online:

  1. Click on the “GET CLEAR” button on the CLEAR website. 
  2. Add in your full name, email address, zip code, and date of birth. Then, click on “Continue”. 
  3. Add any family members you want to be included in your plan. 
  4. Add your StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card number as your billing information to get seamless on-time payments of your CLEAR bill. 
  5. Accept the terms and conditions for CLEAR after reading through them carefully. 
  6. Click on “GET CLEAR” and you’re done with the online part of the subscription. 
  7. To finish the process, you need to visit any airport with dedicated CLEAR lanes. 
  8. Once in the lane, you need to go up to the CLEAR pod where you will verify your biometric details. 
  9. You can then move straight to the TSA screening. 

For an in-person subscription, you can visit any CLEAR airport location. The Ambassadors in the CLEAR pods will then guide you through the whole process.  

What are the clear paid subscription plans after the free trial ends?

After your two-month free trial, the subscription automatically renews. There are also no refunds if you do not travel anywhere in a particular month. So, you need to remember to cancel your subscription when the trial ends. 

The CLEAR Plus annual membership costs $189 and you can add up to three family members for $60 each. The monthly CLEAR Plus rate is $15 dollars per person per month. 

Members below 18 years of age do not need a CLEAR membership when they are traveling with their parents. 

What is a CLEAR Health Pass?

The CLEAR Health Pass is available on the free CLEAR app. It makes health screenings easier through various ways. You can create a Health Pass by signing up to CLEAR and then complying with the health requirements of the venue you are in. This could be by uploading proof of vaccination, a negative COVID -19 test or a health survey. 

CLEAR for Sports & Events

Some stadiums have designated CLEAR lanes, like at the airports. CLEAR for Sports and Events allow CLEAR members to pass through security more quickly.

Are there alternatives to CLEAR?

There are other cheaper alternatives to CLEAR too. But they do not offer a no-contact experience. Both TSA PreCheck® and Global Entry are available at over 200 airports. 

TSA PreCheck – $85 every five years

Global Entry – $100 every five years

How does having the StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card help?

Linking your CLEAR subscription to StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card helps because StellarFi ensures that your monthly bills are paid on time. Add CLEAR to your StellarFi subscription and build your credit score. 

StellarFi is easy to join and makes building credit simple:

  • No credit check or minimum score to join
  • No deposit required
  • No interest charges or surprise fees
  • No new debt

Using StellarFi helps improve the factors that impact your credit score the most. StellarFi optimizes your payment history, credit utilization, credit mix, and more.

Get started with StellarFi

Wherever you are in your credit journey: just starting, working to restore your credit score, or refining your approach to building credit, StellarFi can help you reach your goals.

As StellarFi reports all your on-time monthly bill payments to all major bureaus, your credit score gets higher each time a bill is paid on time!

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