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How to Get a Course Hero Free Trial in 2023 with the StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card

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Course Hero lets students access over 100 million course-specific study materials. Their vision is to help students become more confident, learn better, and complete coursework. Students can get help with homework 24/7 through their expert tutors who ensure step-by-step explanations and speedy answers. 

Since most products targeted at students usually offer free trials or discounts, here we give you information about whether Course Hero does the same.  


What features does Course Hero offer?

Course Hero has over 20 million uploaded documents already. So it will be easy for you to find the exact material you are looking for. With Course Hero you can:

  1. Access class notes: Both students and tutors share their personal notes, lab reports, essays, etc. which is available to all subscribers.
  2. Read through guides: These guides are created by experts in the field who help customers understand books through chapter summaries, videos, and more. 
  3. Take quizzes: There are also course-specific quizzes where you can evaluate yourself. 
  4. Interact with tutors: For the more difficult questions, you can also ask the tutors on Course Hero for help 24/7 with the “Tutor Questions” feature and get answers in minutes.
  5. Get help navigating college: Course Hero recognizes that there is more to college than study material. They understand the social and psychological challenges of navigating a competitive space. So there is also material that can help you deal with improving your college life in general. 

How to get a Course Hero free trial?

Course Hero does not have a free trial where you can try out all the features. Course Hero lets you “Unlock” documents in its library. By enrolling into the free Basic Membership you can use some of its unique features. 

What features are available in the free trial?

To begin accessing the Basic Membership you need to upload your own original study materials. You can upload anything from your textbooks, notes, lab reports, or essays. The Basic Membership has these features:

  1. Members can earn five “Unlocks” and three “Tutor Questions” for every ten documents uploaded. This lets you access the full text of some of Course Hero documents, Textbook Solutions and Explanations, and Q&As. 
  2. You will have full access to the infographics and be able to browse the documents available. 
  3. You can also earn extra credit by making sure your material is of high quality, correctly titled and formatted, etc. Five “Likes” or “Unblocks” to your material can give you one unblock credit. 
  4. Giving ratings and reviews to documents and questions you have unlocked also gives you extra unlock credits. 
  5. You can also earn eight “Tutor Questions” for every new user through your referral code. You can even get up to a 20% discount on the paid subscription. 

All the unlocks and questions are valid for 30 days. You can ask questions to the Course Hero tutors on a pay per question basis with the 24/7 Homework Help. 


What are the paid plans available?

There are three types of subscriptions available at Course Hero: 

Plan               Price (USD)        Features

1 month         $39.95               up to 10 Tutor Questions

3 months      $59.85                up to 20 Tutor Questions

12 months     $119.40              up to 40 Tutor Questions

  • In addition to the features of the basic membership, you receive 30 unlocks per month to the Course Hero library and up to 40 Tutor Questions based on the type of membership plan you have.  
  • You also get to access their library with over 25 million course-specific study resources.
  • You get unlimited access to their textbook solutions. These offer step-by-step explanations to popular questions by experts. 

The paid plans get auto-renewed every payment cycle. You can cancel any time. 

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