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How to Get a Newspapers.comTM Free Trial in 2023 with StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card

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Newspapers.comTM by Ancestry® is one of the largest digital newspaper archives with over 860 million pages of historical newspapers from around the United States and the world. Type in the keyword, date, and location of the information you are looking for and you may find exactly what you need. The digital archive is useful for teachers, historians, genealogists, and others interested in history.

Does have a free trial? offers a 7-day free trial to all its subscribers. 

  1. Visit the official website. 
  2. Click “Try 7 days free”. 
  3. You can register through email or Facebook, or if you have an Ancestry account.
  4. Follow the rest of the prompts to confirm your subscription.

What features can I access with a free trial?

Depending on which subscriptions you opt for, you can:

  1. Search and read over 236 million pages from over 20,000 newspapers from the year 1690 onwards.
  2. Easily clip articles and share them. 
  3. Follow a newspaper, or another member’s account, or save a search.
  4. Print or download images. 

What paid plans are available?

The Basic plan is $44.95 for 6 months and $7.94/month. 

There’s also a Publisher Extra plan with 625 additional pages licensed from publishers. It costs $74.90/6 months and $19.90/month. 

How can StellarFi help with your subscription?

You can use your StellarFi membership to offset your subscription cost and potentially get the subscription free every month. All you need to do is subscribe to StellarFi and link your regular payments to the StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card. Just follow these steps:

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  2. Add to your StellarFi account.
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  4. If two people join using your unique code in a month, you get $10. Your StellarFi credits pay for your subscription, while also saving a couple of dollars. 

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