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How to Get a UWorld Free Trial in 2023 with StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card

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UWorld specializes in making educational prep content related to competitive exams for students across different subjects and professional areas. Whether you are studying nursing, medicine, or even a high school test, UWorld can help. Their simplified explanations of complex concepts can help you crack that tough exam you have been struggling with often.

Does UWorld have a free trial?

UWorld offers a 7-day free trial to all its new users depending on the subject and exam the customers opt for. Some of the programs may not have a free trial. UWorld has question banks for exams like MCAT®, AP®, ACT, and SAT®

On the UWorld College Prep website: 

  1. Choose the course you want to try.
  2. Click “Sign Up for Free”.
  3. Enter your details such as name, and email, and then choose a password. 
  4. Click on “Register”. 
  5. Follow the rest of the prompts to start the free trial.

On the UWorld GradSchool website: 

  1. Scroll down to the plans available. 
  2. Locate the “Sample QBank”. 
  3. Click “Sign up”. 
  4. Enter your details such as name, email, and choosing a password. 
  5. Click on “Register”. 
  6. Follow the rest of the prompts to start the free trial.

What features can I access with the UWorld free trial?

With the MCAT QBank, the Sample plan gives you access to 100 questions for 7 days. 

What UWorld paid plans are available

The MCAT Prep features include:

  1. Questions by experts in sciences, humanities, and social sciences. 
  2. Detailed explanations of the concepts behind the questions and why an answer is wrong or right. 
  3. Create custom MCAT questions to practice the topics you are the weakest in. 
  4. Visually engaging explanations. 
  5. Digital flashcards and My Notebook to organize everything students learn. 

These are the prices for the UWorld MCat QBank plans. 

Features90-day access to QBank360-day access with a one-time reset.360-day access with one-time reset.
Cost (plus taxes)$299$349$399

Features with the ACT QBank include:

  1. Qver 2,650 mock ACT questions at or above difficulty levels of the actual exam prepared by subject matter experts.
  2. Easy to understand explanations.
  3. Performance tracking with test simulations.
  4. Analysis to identify areas of strength and improvement.

Below are the ACT QBanks plans available. These prices are applicable to the SAT QBanks as well.

Plan30 days90 days180 days360 days
Features3,300 questions and performance tracking features3,300+ Practice QuestionsPerformance Tracking 1 self-assessment with score predictor3,300+ Practice QuestionsPerformance Tracking2 self-assessments with score predictor3,300+ Practice QuestionsPerformance Tracking3 self-assessments with score predictor
Cost (plus taxes)$69$99$149$199

How can StellarFi help with your UWorld subscription?

Use StellarFi for your billing needs on UWorld and spend less time worrying about your bill payment dates and more on preparing for your important tests. All you need to do is subscribe to StellarFi and link your UWorld payments to your StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card. 

StellarFi also helps you build a strong credit score by paying all your other regular bills on time and reporting those payments to all major credit bureaus.

StellarFi takes the pain and stress out of building credit:

  • No credit check or minimum score to join
  • No deposit required
  • No interest charges or surprise fees
  • No new debt

StellarFi helps improve the credit factors that impact your score the most, by optimizing your payment history, credit utilization, credit mix, and more.

As StellarFi reports all your on-time monthly bill payments to all major bureaus, your credit score gets higher each time a bill is paid on time!

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