Life Time Fitness Free Trial

How to Get Life Time Fitness Free Trial in 2023 with StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card

Life Time Fitness is a luxury athletic resort that offers leisure and workout programs at the same time. Their digital program has a range of free online classes added each week. 

Is there a LifeTime Fitness Free Trial?

The membership plans of LifeTime Fitness range from $72 to $270. So, in order to decide if it is really for you, visiting one of their gyms with a guest membership is a good idea. 

  • You can get a guest pass through an existing member, registering on their website, or as a walk-in. 
  • To get it online, fill in your details like name, email address, phone number, year of birth and your preferred Life Time Fitness club location. 
  • They will then email you a date and time for your trial. Then, you can visit the location for a fully guided tour.

What paid memberships are available after the trial

The website does not clearly mention the membership prices as they vary according to location. The Digital Membership costs $15/month. 

You get access to: 

  • Virtual Training
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Live streamed Classes
  • On-Ddemand Classes
  • Curated Content
  • Nutritional and Equipment Discounts
  • Meditation Programs

The only thing the digital membership does not offer is club access and other amenities on site. You would have to get the Standard or Signature memberships for that. 

How can StellarFi improve your Life Time Fitness experience?

By using StellarFi, you spend less time remembering payment dates and more time getting the Life Time Fitness experience. All you need to do is subscribe to StellarFi and add the StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card as part of your billing information.

Becoming a StellarFi member can help in two ways:

  1. Make all your regular monthly bill payments (like Life Time Fitness) on time.
  2. Help build your credit score by reporting on-time monthly payments to all three major credit bureaus.

So don’t wait any longer, just sign up, add your Life Time Fitness subscription to your StellarFi account, and watch your score grow! StellarFi takes the pain and stress out of building credit:

  • No credit check or minimum score to join
  • No deposit required
  • No interest charges or surprise fees
  • No new debt

StellarFi helps improve the credit factors that impact your score the most, by optimizing your payment history, credit utilization, credit mix, and more.

As StellarFi reports all your on-time monthly bill payments to all major bureaus, your credit score gets higher each time a bill is paid on time!

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