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How to get Spectrum TV Free Trial in 2023 with the StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card

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Spectrum TV is one of the leading American TV and internet services. You can watch all your favorite TV channels and on-demand content without the hassle of signing contracts! You can watch over a hundred channels and stream live and on-demand with the Spectrum TV app. 


Does Spectrum TV offer a free trial?

Spectrum sometimes offers 7-day trials on certain packages. As of March 2023, there are no free trials for Spectrum TV. However, it does offer attractive bundle packages with discounts. You can get WiFi, mobile, and TV in a single bill.

Plan                                             Cost (for 12 months)                                                         Features

Spectrum One                            $49.99/month                                                                    Free advanced WiFi+one unlimited mobile line+ speed up to 300MBps

Internet Ultra                              $69.99/month                                                                    Free advanced WiFi+one unlimited mobile line+ speed up to 500MBps

Internet Gig                                $89.99/month                                                                    Free advanced WiFi+one unlimited mobile line+ speed up to 1 GBps

How to sign up for Spectrum TV?

  1. On the Spectrum TV website, click on “Find Best Offers”.
  2. Enter your full home address.
  3. If your area is serviceable by Spectrum, you will then be asked to choose the channels you like. 
  4. Follow the instructions that appear and finish signing up as directed. 

Spectrum TV is available on the mobile app and connected devices like Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Xbox One, and Google Chromecast. To access the Spectrum TV app, follow the instructions that appear on the respective devices carefully. Some devices might require you to use the username for the device, some may require you to use the Spectrum email address and password. 


What are the Spectrum TV paid plans?

If, however, you are looking to subscribe only to the Spectrum TV plan, here are the details: 

Plan                                             Cost                                                                                        Features

Spectrum TV Select                   $59.99/month                                                                        125+ local and cable channels and on-demand titles

Mi Plan Latino                             $12/month                                                                              145 channels with 75+ in Spanish

Entertainment View                   $12/month                                                                               70+ sports, shows and movies

Sports View                                $6/month                                                                                $6/month

As of March 2023. Peacock Premium is available at no additional cost for all Spectrum TV plans for 12 months. Other paid add-ons with which you can customize your plan include HBO Max, Showtime, MGM+, and Starz. 

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