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How to get YouTube TV Free Trial in 2023 with StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card

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YouTube TV is a streaming service available only in the US. It is an attractive alternative to cable TV services as it offers additional features like YouTube video content and YouTube Originals, as well as access to live sports, entertainment and more. It is also available across multiple devices. The channels available with your subscription depend on your ZIP code. 


Does YouTube TV have a free trial option?

Yes. As of March 2023, YouTube offers a 7-day free trial (valid only for new users). 

With the free trial, you can access all of YouTube TV’s content. However, you will be charged an “authorization hold” on entering your credit card details for the purpose of verification. The charge will be refunded once the verification is complete. These are the features available:

  1. Record and store unlimited DVR 
  2. Live and on-demand shows to fit your schedule 
  3. Share YouTube TV with your family by adding up to 5 additional profiles with their own DVR and storage options

How to sign up for the free trial?

  1. On the YouTube TV website, click on “Try it Free”.
  2. Register with your Google account.
  3. Enter the location of your home to see the networks available for your membership.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions and tap “Next”.
  5. Check the box in front of any of the premium add-ons you want to subscribe to. 
  6. Enter your credit card information and click on “Buy”.

Note: Free trial lengths can vary for each add-on channel you have opted for. Check the duration remaining for the respective channels in the “Settings” tab on the YouTube TV app. The account auto-renews to a paid subscription after the trial period ends. You will then be charged for the base plan plus the cost of the add-on after this plus tax.


How much does YouTube TV cost after the free trial?

As of March 2023, at the end of the 7-day free trial, YouTube TV can be accessed at a Base Plan of $54.99/month for three months. After that, you’ll pay $64/month. You can cancel your subscription at any time during your free trial or after your paid subscription begins. You get:

  • Access to over 100 live channels 
  • Three streams and six accounts/household
  • Exclusive sports features like “Key Plays View”, “Stats View”, and “Fantasy Football View.” 

YouTube TV also offers a Spanish Plan available at $24.99/month for the first three months, after that it’ll cost $34.99/month. You get to view 30+ Spanish networks instead of 100, as well as all other base plan features. 

If you want to pay only for a few networks, YouTube TV also has the standalone networks option where you can choose the channels you want to pay for and watch based on how much the individual networks cost. 

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