Cancel The Joint® Chiropractic Subscription

Simple Steps to Cancel The Joint® Chiropractic Subscription in 2023

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The Joint® has over 800 chiropractic offices across the country. They offer routine affordable chiropractic care. It is a service available for patients who are looking for pain relief treatments and ongoing wellbeing. 

However, if you want to try a different place, your free trial period is up, or you don’t need a chiropractor anymore, you can easily cancel your membership with The Joint Chiropractic. 


Follow these simple steps to cancel The Joint Chiropractic subscription

  1. Visit the clinic where you first enrolled in the program.
  2. Provide the representative with all your membership details.
  3. The representative will cancel your subscription for you.
  4. Ask for a confirmation email.

You can also dial (480) 245-5960 and speak to a representative from the support team. 

You can find all the information you need to cancel your membership with The Joint Chiropractic on this page. StellarFi helps you pay your Joint Chiropractic bills on time and improve your credit score. 


This is how The Joint Chiropractic charges may appear on your bank statement 





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