Cancel Your Intelius Subscription

Simple Steps to Cancel Your Intelius Subscription in 2023

Intelius is a public records company that provides public data on people and their connections. You can look up people, their contact information, marital status, arrests, and criminal background checks.

If you no longer need your Intelius account, you can easily cancel your subscription anytime. 

Follow these simple steps to cancel your Intelius subscription

Go to their official website and cancel your subscription through “My Account”. 

Call their customer support line at (888) 245-1655.

You can find all the information you need to cancel your Intelius subscription on this page. StellarFi helps you pay your Intelius bills on time and improve your credit score. 

This is how Intelius charges will appear on your bank statement

PCH*INTELIUS.COM/RT 877-893-6132 WAINTELIUS.COM 546-705-0100
PCH*INTELIUS.COM/RT 877-893-6132 WA 98004 USAINTELIUS.COM/RT 877-893-6132 WA

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