The Average Car Payment Has Surpassed $700. What Now?

The average new car costs consumers over $700 a month. What's causing these steep payments? And is relief on the horizon? Here's the info you need.

Key Takeaways

A set of wheels is a necessity for most consumers in the U.S. But this necessity increasingly comes with a luxury price tag.

According to the Moody’s Analytics Vehicle Affordability Index, auto loan payments for new vehicles reached an average of $712 a month in May 2022. This hefty sum is the result of higher interest rates AND sticker prices. According to Kelly Blue Book, the average new car purchase price in May was $47,148.

With no signs of a return to previous levels, consumers are looking for ways to cut back on this major budget-breaker. While we can’t control vehicle costs and inflation, there are a few things any prospective buyer can do to set themselves up for more affordable outcomes. 

Here are the best ways to get a lower monthly car payment:

1. Save money by purchasing a used car:

While used cars have also climbed in sales prices, the average monthly payment for a used car was $538 in May 2022. 

2. Shop around for an auto loan:

Get pre-approved for your auto loan: Showing up to the dealership with pre-approved loan terms (rather than relying on dealership financing) gives you more control over your car shopping process.

3. Reduce interest rates by improving your credit score:

A higher credit score shows lenders that you’re more likely to repay your loan on time, and they’ll offer lower interest rates to less risky borrowers. Increasing your credit score from the “fair” range (around 650) to the “excellent” range (over 750) can reduce your monthly payment by over $100/month.

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