Homeownership is within reach

Home-ownership is within reach

Build credit with every bill you pay and reach your homeownership goals.

Reach your credit goals quickly.

Having a low credit score today doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to buy a home tomorrow. Build credit with StellarFi and get one step closer to homeownership.

Why we made StellarFi

Good credit supports financial wellness. Without credit, over 130 million Americans have no path to homeownership and no safety net for financial emergencies.

That’s why we created a fully accessible credit-builder, with no deposits, no interest fees, no added debt, and no barriers to the people who need it most

What sets us apart

StellarFi is the first and only tool that turns ordinary bills like streaming services, utilities, rent, and more into credit-builders, by reporting payments to Experian®, Equifax®, and TransUnion®.

How it works

Get your free credit report

View your current credit score and access your detailed credit report, just by creating your account.

Add and pay your bills

Make automatic bill payments using your StellarFi Virtual Bill Pay Card. Next, we report on-time payments to all major credit bureaus each month.

Build your score

See your credit score increase while we build your payment history, optimize your credit utilization, and more.

Win $5k toward your home expenses or down payment.

Enter the Lunar Living $5k Sweepstakes in your StellarFi dashboard and get $5,000 in StellarFi promo credits. Automatically use these credits toward your bills and expenses.

Start building credit with