Pirates and Pyrotechnics: A Very StellarFi Offsite

Key Takeaways

Here’s StellarFi’s controversial perspective on “company culture”:

Company culture isn’t something you create…it’s something you nurture.

The culture of a company exists in the humans who work there. And it only thrives if you give those humans an environment in which they can be their authentic selves, build relationships, and take risks.

That’s why we gathered our team in Austin, TX to dance with pirates and jump off buildings. No, seriously…we did!

Day 1: StellarFi’s pirate crew sets sail

Pillaging and plank-walking aside, StellarFi operates much like a pirate ship. We take chances, we stay nimble, we chart a bold course, and we keep our eyes on the treasure (building credit for our members, of course).

Perhaps that’s why the StellarFi crew seemed so comfortable setting sail through the waters of Lake Austin!

We unfurled the StellarFi Jolly Roger – anchors aweigh!
Avast! CJ and Hosanna brandish their cutlasses. There was more than a little swashbuckling aboard this ship!
Steph takes a break to rest her sea legs.
StellarFi’s Creative Department does everything ARRRRtistically!
Despite his knack for ingenuity, StellarFi Founder Lamine Zarrad was “knot” able to escape this magician’s tricks!

It’s gotta be hard to do the Cupid Shuffle with a peg leg.

Moving on!

Day 2: Real-life StellarFi superheroes

We started the day with a special (and pretty emotional) community service event.

After that, we went to….A STUNT RANCH.

Ever seen a software developer leap from a three-story building? Or an accountant blowing up a car? How about a CEO throwing axes?

The StellarFi crew witnessed those things and MORE. And we have the pics to prove it:

Startup employees are naturally fearless! Here the StellarFi squad evades an explosion 💥
Kevin went from “growth & efficiency nerd” to ACTION MOVIE SUPERHERO!
In 2022, we launched our product. In 2023, we’re launching PEOPLE!

The coolest part? Watching the crew encourage each other to conquer their fears!

Remote work, close teams

Though we are located all over the world, the StellarFi squad is a tight-knit bunch.

Every day, we virtually share ideas, meetings, projects, and designs. But at our epic offsite, we got to share things in person:  Dance moves. Karaoke mics. Magic tricks. Even tapas.

From pirate hats to pyrotechnics, we learned one thing: the StellarFi culture is one of ADVENTURE.

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