Credit Equity

Consumer credit laws protect your right to fair financial treatment. Here’s what you need to be aware of to protect yourself and your credit.
These three Latina leaders are opening doors and breaking barriers, using the power of financial education. Learn who they are and how they create change in their communities.
Marginalization, mental health, and money are interconnected issues. This article takes a closer look, and offers resources for those who could use support for mental health challenges.
LGBTQ Americans are twice as likely to have poor credit scores. Why is this? And what are the solutions? Read more about it, including an informative infographic that helps to break down this layered issue.
Trans and non-binary folks often end up with disrupted credit reports after changing their first name. This blog takes a closer look at “fragmented” credit – and how to avoid it.
Black entrepreneurship has an inspiring, and often harrowing history in the United States. Learn some incredible stories about Black founders and organizations, and what needs to be done to eliminate the gaps that prevent Black founders from accessing the resources they need to grow their businesses.
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders face unique challenges in today's financial landscape. Here are some of the issues facing the AAPI population, including wealth inequality, discriminatory hiring practices, language barriers, and more, along with tools and solutions that can empower AAPI communities and individuals.
Predatory loans can derail your financial future. Learn to spot the warning signs and protect yourself from predatory lending.
Why achieving high credit and financial stability presents challenges for Black, Latinx and Native American families, and what we can do about it.

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