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    An 800 credit score is where the excellent or exceptional FICO® credit score range begins. With a score that falls in this range, you are more likely to get the best deals from most lenders. An 800 score doesn’t always guarantee approval for any credit accounts or products because lenders look at other items such as income and employment, but rejection is less likely. According to Experian® data, only 23% of the population in 2022 have a score in this range.

    Getting a score of 800 does not have any special or specific strategies. Simply follow good credit behavior like:
    Paying your bills on time
    Keeping your credit utilization low (lower credit card balances)
    Avoiding opening multiple accounts in a short period (The older your latest account, the better)
    Having a diverse credit mix (mortgage loans, credit cards, credit builder loans, etc.)
    Tracking your credit reports and correcting any errors in them, etc.

    Some of these strategies may have an immediate impact and others may have a more long-term, cumulative effect. Starting to build these habits as soon as possible and maintaining them will help improve and maintain your score at 800 or above.

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