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    Marriage doesn’t really affect the credit scores of either spouse at any time. Meaning, there are no “couple’s” credit reports or scores generated when you get married. Your individual credit scores are not influenced by your partner’s when you make independent purchases and take other financial decisions.

    However, if you marry someone with bad credit, it will affect your efforts for future joint investments or financial decisions. For example, if you share a credit card or have applied for a joint loan, any positive or negative developments in these payments affect both your credit scores. While the scores are individual, the effect is shared.

    If one of you has good credit, but the other has fair or poor credit, while your loan may get approved, you may be charged a higher interest rate because of your spouse’s credit score. Worse, if one of you has poor credit or has filed for bankruptcy recently, the chances of you being denied credit are higher.

    Maintaining transparency and effectively communicating your financial needs, decisions, and aspirations to your partner is beneficial to you both, especially if and when you venture into bigger financial commitments like a mortgage loan.

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