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    Jordan Moore
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    The amount of time it takes to raise your credit score by a specific number of points depends on your starting score. It will take you less time to get to an 800 credit score if you’re starting the 45-day target period with a 700 score. A lower credit score means a relatively longer build time. Experts say it typically takes three to six months to see a significant score change. 

    An 800 credit score falls in the excellent FICO® score range and typically qualifies you for the best deals on any credit cards or loans you apply for. Getting to an excellent score takes time, effort, and consistency. Some strategies for building credit involve long-term behavioral changes, while others are almost instantaneous. 

    Here are a few credible ways to increase your score fast: 

    1. Dispute credit report errors: Sometimes your credit scores are negatively affected if there are errors in your credit report. This means you need to regularly monitor your credit reports and make sure all your recent positive activity has been reported to the major credit bureaus – and dispute errors. 
    2. Reduce credit utilization rate: Credit utilization is another instantaneous factor. If you reduce the amount of credit you use against the total credit available, your credit score can get a good boost. This is one of the major factors that influence both your FICO and VantageScores®. Some ways to do this are by asking for a higher credit limit and keeping older credit cards active, even if you don’t use them anymore.
    3. Pay your bills on time: This makes up another major chunk of your FICO and VantageScores. This is a long-term activity that can impact your score immensely. If you have any past-due bills, you can still pay them off to increase your credit score. You can also use a tool like Build Credit with StellarFi, which helps you keep track of bills and build your credit with every recurring bill you pay.

    Make sure your payments are reported to all major credit bureaus: Most lenders report to the major credit bureaus, but some may not report to the major three, or to any. Check with your lender to see which credit bureaus they report to and keep tabs on those reports regularly. You can even add rent and utilities to your credit report by asking your landlord or telecom network provider to report your timely payments to credit bureaus – or use StellarFi.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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