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    Since a credit score is something that is built up over time, younger people have relatively lower scores than older people. According to Experian®’s September 2022 data, these are the average credit scores by age:

    Greatest Generation (77+) – 760
    Baby boomers (58-76) – 742
    Generation X (42-57) – 706
    Millennials (26-41) – 687
    Generation Z (18-25) – 679

    In general, any score within the FICO® score range of 670-739 is good. But since the length of your credit history has a 15% weight on your credit score, the older you are, the higher your score is likely to be. Moreover, you will have more financial experience that impacts your scores across different factors, like paying your bills on time and credit utilization.

    Keeping the average scores in mind, make strategic financial decisions around things like college tuition fees, buying a car, house, etc., based on your need, disposable income, and anything else that may affect your ability to spend and pay off any outstanding debts. A general rule of thumb to maintain a good credit score is to pay off bills on time and keep credit utilization low (make minimum purchases with your credit card, and pay it off well before the due date). Apart from this, keep track of your credit reports and regularly check and correct any errors there may be.

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