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    A mortgage note is a document you sign when you close the deal on your home. It contains the terms of the agreement between the lender and the borrower. It is a security instrument that mortgage lenders sell in the secondary market — usually to real estate investors because they get passive income through these notes.

    A mortgage note typically includes the following information:

    • Total Loan Amount: The overall sum of the home loan.
    • Down Payment: The initial amount paid by the borrower.
    • Payment Frequency: Specifies how often payments are due.
    • Loan Type: Indicates whether it’s a fixed- or adjustable-rate mortgage.
    • Prepayment Penalty: Specifies whether there’s a penalty for early repayment.

    The mortgage note also comes with a promissory note which outlines the terms of repayment to the lending institution. It provides loan repayment details like interest rate and payment method. Mortgage notes are relatively low-risk because investors lose money only if the borrower defaults or prepays their mortgage to avoid interest.

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