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    A tax extension is requesting the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for more time to file your income tax return, which is usually due on tax day. The extension helps you prevent a late filing penalty. 

    To file for an extension, you need to submit Form 468B online or by mail to the IRS by tax day. Make sure to also pay your estimated taxes by tax day through your debit/credit card, IRS Direct Pay, or the EFTPS system indicating that your payment is for an extension. 

    There are other ways to file for an extension as well:

    • IRS Free File: The IRS has a partnership with the non-profit Free File Alliance for people making less than $73,000 adjusted gross income. They give them access to free, name-brand tax-prep software. But it is open to everyone who wants to file an extension online. 
    • Tax software: If you want to use tax software, providers usually support filing Form 468B for extensions. Simply follow the instructions in the program to see how to file an extension electronically. The IRS will then send you an acknowledgment later.
    • Tax preparer: You could file an extension through a tax preparer or tax pro if you’re already working with them.
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